Archives for May 2008

What if I Were Gay?

I had a close friend, once, who was a lesbian. She confessed to me that she really liked me, she hinted at the fact that I’d never had a lasting relationship with a guy, and reminded me that she and I had once shared a very platonic kiss on a dare.  There was this unasked […]

Guns in Space

For anyone who grew up reading a lot of science fiction, like myself, the “weaponization” of space probably seemed pretty inevitable. I mean, all those cool stories couldn’t happen unless there were really big spaceships flying around all over the place with plasma beams and graviton pulse weapons and… sorry, my geekdom was showing.  But […]

Bad Grannie

We went to the zoo this morning. Mia, who’s not quite two, was much more interested in the animals this time around and when it came time to leave, she wasn’t so willing. But I told her we could stop by the park near the entrance of the zoo, where they have a few slides […]

Love out of your comfort zone

I was talking to one of the guys at work today and the conversation turned to the cost of living and how it is affecting different people. This fellow is a fairly big guy, in his mid- forties. He leaned over toward me and spoke so his voice was just more than a whisper, “Don’t […]

Passports, Stupid Subaru and Colds.

The PMT monster has arrived and once again people are avoiding me. This week has been simply brimming over with help and cooperation from the site management at work. (And again the sarcasm rears its ugly head.) Requests for information have been ignored, stupid requirements have been sent in and the word ‘please’ seems to […]

The Cutie with the Blonde Mop of Hair

I am cleaning out my apartment today, purging things I no longer need, anticipating the move I will make in two months to a nicer, more quiet neighbourhood. I’ve stumbled upon a little pile of candid photos of my mom that date back as far as the late 40’s when she was simply a little […]