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Gossip Girl

While I was in New York, I was trend-spotting with my friends. One TV show made the top of the list: Gossip Girl, the must-see teen drama on television today. Suddenly, shows like the O.C. and One Tree Hill seem so ‘last century’. Gossip Girl has taken television two steps ahead and after watching last […]

Macho Cheese

You know, we’re well past the age of hairy chests and gold chains, yet I still see men who cannot seem to grasp what the true nature of manliness actually is.  They do the most insipid things to appear virile and masculine, thereby succeeding only in revealing to everyone the basest aspects of being male. […]

The Tyranny of Grammar

Free yourself from the tyranny Of the English language. Take arms against fascist phraseology. Defend against the dogma of diagramming. Grammar is oppression Imposing conjugation Formulating regulation Relegating creativity to a Subjunctive tense. Would have, could have, should have, But didn’t. It forces nouns and verbs Into an hegemony of number agreement The Tyranny of […]

Stay the Hell Away From My Reproductive Rights!

I read an article recently, “Why McCain Should Worry Women” which brought to light that if women want to retain any power at all over their bodies, then they should not, under any circumstances, vote for John McCain. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times website, of Senator McCain’s exchange with a reporter in […]

Michael Larsen ~ Books Can Still Change the World

The right book will change the world. A book that changes the United States will change the world. And such a book is more likely to originate in the San Francisco Bay Area than anywhere else. The natural beauty of the Bay Area, however parched; the wealth and diversity of its people, places, processes, and […]

Vegan French Toast, or How I Managed to Stay Hungry Three Saturday Mornings in A Row

I have found my own personal white whale in life and it is vegan French toast. A few weeks ago, I began my quest to make the perfect non-animal French toast. It quickly became a quest to make edible non-animal French toast. Now I’d be happy if I could actually make it without having to […]

Why the Republicans Are Smarter Than the Democrats

…Well, at least their strategists are. Why? One only has to look at the candidates for the 2008 presidential election to figure out the answer. It’s no secret that more than 70 percent of Americans (and clearly this includes many registered Republicans) are, to say the least, “disappointed” with the current administration. Oil and food […]

Tighter ~ Coping with Depression, Part II

Getting your head screwed on right is a lot of work. And as we all know, lying in bed and hiding from the world doesn’t help. The first aspect I tackled was my heart. Spiritually, that is. I went to bed Saturday night night thinking that I wouldn’t go to church on Sunday. I was […]

Beautiful Stolen Goods

When my children first walked into the house quickly and stealth-like, and then emerged from the craft room with two pairs of safety scissors, I should have paused to find out what was up. Alas, I was immersed in my baked ravioli recipe and only mildly considered investigating. Ten minutes and one butchered rosebush later, […]

Friday Night Philosophy

I recently read a news story about a German pilot who bombed Bath during the war. At 87 years-old, he has returned to Bath to say he is sorry, and to pay his respects to the relatives of those who died during the bombing. Such a lot to learn from this story. This man identifies […]