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The Island of Lesbos Sues Lesbian Groups

News Flash – The island of Lesbos has taken exception to “lesbians,” or as the spokesperson gently put it, “certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos,” using the term “lesbian.” As he so aptly stated, “My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian.” I note he forgot to add the Australian (and Jerry […]

Why Does America Think it Has the Right?

Five years after “Mission Accomplished,” I still marvel at how Americans feel it is their “right” to interfere in the politics of other countries. And not just Iraq. A number of smaller countries have been subjected to their interference. It seems that if a politician can drum up a case of national security, they automatically […]

Hoffart Speaks Out (While They Still Let Him)

George Bush declares that Iran is the enemy of the US, and it is. But, it’s an enemy because the United States has made it so. Since the 60’s the US has been meddling in Iranian affairs over oil without remorse. They’ve been trying to provoke Iran to attack them but this treatment is akin […]

Is God in Control?

Many Christians have experienced tough times. Perhaps they’ve just been diagnosed with a chronic illness, or a family member is dying, or they’ve suddenly lost a job, or are feeling like their life is in limbo, or whatever else; when another well-meaning Christian puts a hand on their shoulder and says with conviction, “Take heart. […]

"Manda there?"

The other day a teenager asked if he could use my cell phone and when I told him that I didn’t have one, he just stood there with a confused look on his face.  His dumbfounded expression got me to thinking about how different phones are today compared to when I was a kid. Back […]

That Better Not Be a Wrinkle

I’m 28. It might not sound very old, but the thing is that it’s around this age that you start noticing that things are changing as you get older, and not always for the better: Crinkly Lines As I was putting on mascara the other day the dog was jumping up and down trying to […]

If We *Must* Fight

If people *must* fight, I think they should do it by dancing. When a battle ensues, two adversaries should show no hint of submission in their faces and in their body language. Those two dancers should play convincing roles as vengeful enemies embarking on a duel to the death. They should dance at each other. […]