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You Can't Get Good Help These Days

“What you need is a vacation.” Sixty-fifth Assistant glanced at his boss through the corner of his eye, sneaking a peek at the boss’s reaction to his suggestion. Noting with no small amount of relief that the boss was still sitting calmly behind his desk, he dared to add, “Perhaps somewhere near Capricus Prime or […]

Living Under a Yellow Sky, or Detecting the “Mad Scientist”

As a fan of science fiction, I have been wondering how long it would be before someone started talking about terraforming planet Earth, and it has finally come up for discussion with scientists talking about pumping sulphur high into the atmosphere. (See the transcript of Radio National’s Background Briefing here) Anyone nervous yet? History, rather […]

A Parallel (Apple) Universe

A month has passed since Steve Jobs’ latest keynote speech during the opening ceremony of the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Despite the malicious rumors about Jobs’ health, he succeeded in presenting another captivating and passionate speech. The “main course” was none other than the second generation iPhone 3G. Yet, the announcement of […]

Snapshots at St.Arbuck's by R.G. Ryan

Reviewed by Miranda Krebbs If you are a fan of R.G. Ryan’s blog, you’ll not be disappointed by his compilation of stories told from his favorite seat in the corner of a coffee shop.  After reading Snapshots at St. Arbuck’s, I have no doubt that there is a “Saint” of St. Arbuck’s incarnated in R.G. […]

Barry C. Hessenius ~ Arts and Business Working Together? Small Steps Toward that Goal

The National Arts Policy Roundtable is a project of Americans for the Arts and Robert Redford’s The Sundance Preserve. It is an annual meeting of an ‘A’ list group of people from various sectors – arts, business, government, civic, academia, etc., to talk in relatively general terms about very big issues. This year’s focus was […]

What Liberal Bias?

Katie “Who Needs Talent When You Have Stunningly White Teeth” Couric recently was interviewing John McCain concerning his plan for Iraq, and during this interview, McCain said something that wouldn’t mean much to the average American, but to anyone with a knowledge of the timeline of the conflict in Iraq, was totally inaccurate. In essence, […]

Lamb of God? Mmm…Not Exactly

See, I don’t hate animals, but I am not an animal lover. As it turns out, I married a woman who does love them and at least two of my children inherited the same peculiarity. This opposing viewpoint has created a lot of memorable events for all of us in our family. I’ve helped birth […]

Five Things They Never Dare Tell You About Pregnancy

When you become pregnant people have all sorts of advice and nice things to tell you, like, “Oh, your hair is going to look amazing!” And, “You’ll have such a beautiful glow!” And, “Don’t worry! Breastfeeding makes those pounds just melt off!” Well…here’s a list of things that people don’t tell you about labor and […]

“A Voice for the Arts” an interview with Barry C. Hessenius, author, public speaker and advocate

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(Sigh) One of the things I think about sometimes is whether or not, at the end of my life, I’ll feel I’d done all I should have to make the world a better place, (or at least, my little corner of it,) and if I’d lived my life as fully as I could have. Barry […]