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A Future of Immigration

Greece has always played a starring role in the history of human migration. Depending on whatever socioeconomic and political conditions exist, Greece’s population has provided some valuable examples in regards to the incentives behind immigration and emigration. These are widely known as “push factors” (reasons to emigrate), and “pull factors” (reasons to immigrate). According to […]

Iron Man (2008)

Reviewed by Natasha J. Stillman Iron Man, directed by John Favreau, (Elf, Zathura: A Space Adventure) is a slick and well-paced ride from beginning to end. Favreau has never directed a film on this action scale before, and it’s to his credit that he cast Robert Downey Jr. to play the title role. Downey Jr. […]

Labor Day

Labor Day brings on sad memories for me, because my grandfather died on Labor Day, 1992. That year I was stationed at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. My mom called early on Labor Day to let me know my grandfather had been taken to the hospital, and though I managed to catch a plane a […]