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Blackberries, Big Wheels, and “Bleachy Mama”

We use to pick blackberries together, she and I. I didn’t like blackberries, but it was fun picking them along the railroad tracks beside our apartment complex. Our fingers would be stained deep purple, her tongue and lips would match. She had chubby cheeks and the sweetest smile, made even sweeter by the silver caps […]


Whenever I travel overseas, I’m always glad to return home to my country, Australia. I suppose some of this has to do with being tired of living out of a suitcase; tired of the frantic pace where one feels one must fill every day with sightseeing activities; and the recurring thought that, “this is costing […]

The Mentality of the Young

Youth drives people, experience maintains them, but though some say that, “youth is wasted on the young,” I say that if we young-uns had the experience to “know better,” then we wouldn’t have the drive to try anything in the first place. When I talk to older people about my beliefs that civil liberties should […]

All That You Are ~ Erin Kennedy

written by Guest Author: Erin Kennedy “What else do you do?” He says it with such condescension that I think of slicing his ashy skin and bleeding the arrogance from him. I know what he’s asking. He is giving me the opportunity to detail the achievements of my life, to justify my existence before serving […]