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David Corbett ~ The Fortieth Day, then The Forty-First

Spread your ashes yesterday at Bolinas, where you wanted. The date was my choice: the fortieth day after your death. I selected it for the lore: Buddhist souls, they say, leave the earth and continue on into the circle of transmigration. For Christians, it’s the day Jesus ascended. Seemed as good a time as any […]

David Corbett ~ Excerpts from the Author's Note on Blood of Paradise

I conceived Blood of Paradise after reading Philoctetes, a spare and relatively obscure drama by Sophocles. In the original, an oracle advises the Greeks that victory over the Trojans is impossible without the bow of Herakles. Unfortunately, it’s in the hands of Philoctetes, whom the Greeks abandoned on a barren island ten years earlier, when […]

Where to Hide the Bodies?

With folk looking to lessen their impact on the environment, the subject of burial has popped up. It makes for a very interesting discussion. In Oz, cremation is used for 90% of burials. That is a total turnaround from the early 1900’s when it was very rare not to be buried “6 feet under“. When […]

Brown Belt, Black Shoes

Photo by Miles Ranno I’m the first to admit that I think high fashion is silly. One of my favorite magazines, Vanity Fair, is absolutely gorged with full-page ads for ostentatious brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Versace, and I only tolerate them because they are what keeps the cover price in a somewhat reasonable […]

Screw You, I’m Fifty-Two

…And I have wrinkles, receding gums, and a higher income tax bracket. But there are some benefits to aging, believe it or not. If you were paying attention at all, by the time you’re over fifty like me, you’ll have learned something about life. The following are some things I now know for sure to […]

The London Olympics – Let’s Get Involved!

Politicians, mainly the ones who are involved in this harebrained scheme, have been complaining that there are those in the provinces and indeed in the capital itself who are not showing the proper enthusiasm and reverence for the multi-billion pound scheme that is London’s 2012 Olympics. I say piffle, why would we up north possibly […]

A Fortunate Mistake

She fumbled in her purse for a tissue to wipe her son’s nose. Before she could find it he sneezed again, sending a glob of snot down the front of his freshly ironed shirt. She sighed. So much for first impressions. “Mommy, my nose is running,” he said. “I know honey, hold on. Mommy is […]

Tales From Abu Ghraib

by Riverbend (Contributed by Con Carylon) Con Carylon writes: Each day from the anniversary of Riverbend’s last post on October 22nd until the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, I will printing an extract from Riverbend’s blog, Baghdad Burning. Monday, March 29, 2004 At precisely 5 p.m., yesterday afternoon, my mother […]

Of Sin and Holiness

How is a Christian to deal with sin? This is a topic that seems to turn up over and again, constantly being pushed to the background in exasperation, and then shoved back into the foreground, as prominent Christians inevitably fall and have to be “dealt with”. How Christians compromise with sin then becomes the way […]

Stand Up To Cancer

By Renee Comer Miller I wasn’t going to watch it. My sister actually worked the phone lines. I, on the other hand, was pretty uninterested. Maybe I just didn’t want to hear. Maybe I’m done with it. Maybe I hate it so much I want to turn it off. But cancer won’t turn off. Instead […]