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“For Love and Crime” an interview with author David Corbett

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The first word that comes to my mind to describe David Corbett is, “depth.” That shows through in his writing and in the man himself. A reader will get the sense from his descriptions of complex characters in his three crime drama novels, The Devil’s Redhead, Done for a Dime, and Blood of Paradise, that […]

The Disappeared of America

Who remembers the ones who have been lost and have not yet returned? In Latin America, forced disappearances are done for political reasons. The disappeared ones, as they are called, or los desaparecidos. It is the political version of genocide. People thought to be politically dangerous for any reason at all ─ one night they […]

Kevin Martin: Future-Killing Assh*le

Someone Needs To Photoshop this Face on a Gay Porn Star Kevin Martin the Chair of the FCC is pushing that a chunk of the wireless spectrum auction this month to have stipulations of a porn filter. Sounds kinda nice doesn’t it? You could have an internet connection that wouldn’t have any porn on it, […]

Guest Poet – Lucy Simpson

Premonition of Billie Joe and the River (based on the song, Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry) I am dreaming of my Billie He dives down A dove to the water below To follow where the child did go Little rag doll limp thing Head an onion bulb left in the sun The river […]

The Mommy Trenches ~ "Saturday Morning… (Or…."

Saturday morning… [Or, I’m really Grumpy This Morning] The time? 5:38 a.m. “Mommy? Mommy is awake?” I am now, honey-bunches-of-oats. I am now. *Sigh* It only took 15 minutes or so, (yes, the “only” is sarcasm) but my two-year-old daughter peed in her potty this morning. Sheesh. I think she’s a little “shy.” That wouldn’t […]