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Australia’s Reaction to the Election of Barack Obama

In an unusual turn of events for Australia, and more than likely as a measure of relief felt around the country, the inauguration of Barack Obama was telecast on several television stations, which indicated that the expectations in Oz are easily as high as those of his fans in the States. After an initial acceptance […]

Harriet Harmon, Wanker of the Week

The day after the US gives itself a fine clean sheet by swearing in a brand, shiny, new president, British politics follows by…..offering us a new candidate for “Wanker of the Week.” How marvellous. We are so proud. Below, for your viewing pleasure, is BBC News coverage of protesters who have taken residence on the […]

My Grandfather, the Thief

A while back, my sister, who is an occasional genealogist, informed me that our mother’s maternal grandparents were convicts. As yet, I didn’t know why they were forcibly transported to a godforsaken hole on the other side of the world. Or so it must have seemed to them. At school, we were told that convicts […]

“You’re Never Too Old to Live” An Interview With Kay Andreas Kostopoulos

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  I left Kay Andreas after our interview for this month’s podcast feeling the way you might when a delivery of flowers shows up unexpectedly and the card is written out to you ─ surprised, delighted, and rather special. It’s hard to explain why talking with Kay made me feel all these things, but that’s […]

I'm Not Gay

Editors’ Note: Our ‘Humane Religion’ columnist, Lindsey Kay, felt compelled to write this article due to the backlash she has received over her recently-released book, Honest Conversations, which deals with her Christian church’s stance on homosexuality, and has stirred up quite a storm amongst some Christians. We have printed a reader review of Lindsey’s book […]

‘Progressive’ Sexism: My Letter to Donna Brazile

January 2009 Dear Ms. Brazile: You were the plenary speaker today at the Walden University residency in Dallas, Texas. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and speak to us. Your speech was, for the most part, entertaining and inspiring. However, I feel compelled to express some dissatisfaction with […]

Gaza: Some Observations

On December 27, 2008, shortly before noon, Israel launched a military campaign against Gaza called, ‘Operation Cast Lead. It began with air and missile strikes against various Hamas targets. Israel’s Air Force is the fourth largest in the world. The stated objective of this campaign was to stop Hamas from carrying out further rocket attacks […]

A Memo from Satan

INTEROFFICE COMMUNICATION FROM: Satan TO: Minions RE: The United States of America, Planet Earth It looks like we’re finally making some real progress in the United States of America. Naturally, as your Supreme Leader, I take credit for the brilliant idea. But it was our diligent force of minions working tirelessly there, who carried out […]

Immortal Kombat

I’m getting pretty tired of religion. It’s been an increasingly difficult issue for me and there seems to be no shortage of complicating factors to be revealed. The recent military action on Gaza by Israel is no small example. People endlessly argue over which party is more justified, effectively diminishing the deaths of real people […]

A Moment for Mom: A Valentine’s Story

My mom was 7 months pregnant before she told anyone. At that point, even she had only known for two months, but everyone close to her found out when she turned on all the gas in her trailer, shut all the windows, and tried to slip easily into the next world. After her roommate discovered […]