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The Mommy Trenches: The Royal Federation of Procreation

“Yeah,” she said, “I hate it when people have babies and suddenly their only friends are other people who have kids.” This is a line I’ve heard often. There’s this attitude amongst the young unmarrieds at my local church that the “Holy Grail of Belonging” is popping out the babies. I can remember being on […]

How Can Closing Guantánamo Be Controversial?

As the deadline for this month’s column for Harlots’ Sauce Radio was fast approaching, I looked through my pantry for any number of prospective Political Hash posts, but found my cupboards bare, because these past few weeks the political scene has been uncharacteristically lacking in subjects about which I’ve felt inclined to write. The impetus […]

The Battle of Olustee: A Tale of the United States Civil War, in Four Parts

Editors’ Note: This short fiction will be published in four parts. Author Tom Hames gave us this background information. It was so interesting we decided to print it along with his work: I’d like to give you a little information about the idea behind the short story. Henry Shaw was my great-great-grandfather. His biography starts […]

Take a Trip Around the Heart

I wait for cold, rain drenched week-nights when everyone is inside warming up to each other after work and the streets become as hollow and sad as a drained can of Coca-Cola. I like to wander down to 59W and 44th, to stand, hip cocked in the middle of the intersection, flipping a dripping pink […]

Harlots’ Sauce Radio Book Reviews ~ February 2009

________________________________________ The Fighter Pilot’s Wife by Gilberta Guth ________________________________________ Published by Call Sign Press Reviewed by Nigel Voight Between 1951 and 1998, Gilberta met, loved, married, had children with, and eventually became the widow of, Joe Guth, a pilot in the United States Air Force. This is her story about him and their life together. […]

Greece ─ Remember, Remember the 6th of December!

It’s easy to forget. We open our memory’s garbage bin and in we throw all our bad experiences and sad memories. When it comes to personal affairs, this practice is acceptable. But when it involves bits and pieces of a nation’s collective memory, it can cost us our wellbeing and social solidarity. Amongst we Greeks, […]

Finding Poems

Finding Poems by Bryan F. Warsaw __________________________________________ Jessie, On your mother’s couch, huddled over a laptop filled with hoarded treasures. “From where do poems come,” you read… We sat, smiling, musing, each of us- almost strangers-

A Birdbath's Welcome : Short Story by Jennifer Kerr

The birdbath extended from my front porch like the graceful curve of a ballerina’s arm. When I moved into the house, almost two years ago, I saw it as welcoming, the polite gesture of after you from a kind hostess. At the time, I had no idea that this wide flat bowl, perched on a […]