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Bring the Marbles Home – Once and For All ~ By: Maria A. Karamitsos

With the opening of the new Acropolis Museum, Greece has stepped up its efforts in the campaign to return the Parthenon Marbles – and rightly so. Following a visit four years ago to the British Museum, and viewing these artifacts and reading notes of “the head is on display in Athens,” or “the hands are […]

What Were They Thinking?

Anyone care to take a punt on who the racist pictured is? Some ape-knuckled nobody with a string of convictions for football violence, and a promising career in handling stolen goods? Nope. That is one of our brand, spanking new Members of the European Parliament, Nick Griffin. He is no longer in the charming boys […]

How to Tell if You’re in Menopause

For many women, the cessation of the monthly flow is often not enough to tell for sure whether they’ve reached that “time of life” or not. That’s why I, using the knowledge I’ve gained from obtaining my DFR (Doctorate in Failed Relationships), have provided you with this scientific checklist. You will know you are in […]

PIE by Joyce Maynard

(From FEED ME, edited by Harriet Brown, Ballantine Books) The diagnosis reached me on Mother’s Day of 1989: My sixty- six year old mother was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. They told us she had only weeks to live. Within twenty four hours, I had left my husband and our three young children to […]

Pissy Could Drink

The township of Tom Price was full of interesting characters with different motivations. Some were there simply for the money, while others were trying to disappear from a former life. Pissy was a vet from WWII who survived 90-something missions as a navigator on a Lancaster bomber. He carried plenty of scars from shrapnel suffered […]