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PEGASUS ~ By Ruth Wildes Schuler

White winged wonder navigating the celestial cosmos gathering stardust from dwarfed red stars, and descending to sprinkle the powers of inspiration on earth’s artistic population. A bit of yellow on Van Gogh before his easel in a hayfield, green on Hemingway in his emerald hills of Africa, gold on Isadora Duncan’s toes, a rainbow mixture […]

Podcast Interview with Joyce Maynard: “I Don’t Have to be The Good Girl Anymore”

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    Joyce Maynard has a big mouth. It’s either that, or she has too much integrity to lie about anything, despite the fact that telling the truth often gets her into trouble. When you hear our podcast interview, you decide which it is. I first met Joyce Maynard when I signed up for one […]

What Would Jesus Really Do?

When looking at how Christians ought to behave there is no greater example than the Man they follow. To demonstrate this point, I’ll talk about a few different groups of people who are often marginalized: 1. The ‘Punks’, the ‘Goths’, and others scattered subcultures on the edge of mainstream society: Whether it’s the guy getting […]

The Mommy Trenches: Yes, I Beat My Child!

My daughter is only three years old, and I am realizing that I’m going to be in trouble in a few years. Not only is she going to be taller than I, she’s going to be smarter than I. She’s been wanting me to stay with her for a few minutes before bedtime each night. […]

Only Suckers Go On Diets

How many of you have heard the saying, “Losing fat is 80-90% dieting and only 10-20% exercise?” I bet it’s a number of you. After all, it’s one of the most repeated statements when it comes to losing fat. Put simply, the idea behind this is that as long as you eat fewer calories than […]

The String Theory: The Universes Unfolding as They Should

No one knows how life on Earth began, or why, and so Man has created religions to find answers that humans can relate to, which answer the questions on the meaning of life, and what happens to us after our death. These religions can be a solace for many in the absence of anything else […]

Cheers to the Queers!

It’s been another of those weeks. One of those weeks where through no doing of my own, I’ve been subjected to debate after scandal, after f*cking annoying headline, on a topic upon which I’ve closed the book long ago. So, after much deliberation I’m going to post my take on things, so that hopefully everyone […]

A Lesson From the Garden

“Through the Snow” by Lydia Selk Preston Walters rolled his eyes and sighed heavily as warm air started coming from the air conditioning vents. This always happened when he was in the car line; it was one of the reasons that he hated picking Misty up from school. He shut the air off and pushed […]

Single Parent Dating

Did you know that there are about 14 million single parents here in the U.S. today? They are responsible for raising 21.6 million of our nation’s children. (Based on 2005 census statistics, released in 2007) And within the last few years, I became part of that growing single parent population. After my divorce was final, […]