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Harlots’ Sauce Radio is proud to announce the winner of this year’s Gregory Randall Prize – Vicola England!

Congratulations to Vicola! Below is a little bit about her: I’m Vicola, a proud Northerner from the UK, with very little tolerance and even less patience. I got started writing an online diary in a rather weird way. My cousin married a conman with a personality disorder, and after wreaking havoc and ‘appropriating’ a chunk […]

The Battle of Olustee: A Tale of the United States Civil War, Part III

A February chill rushed through the air as Henry watched two regiments of men mount their horses and ride off. If the plan worked, they would make contact with the Union army and draw them back to the fortified battle line where the remaining Confederate soldiers waited. With Ocean Pond to the north, heavy swampland […]

When it Comes to Television, I’m Sworn to Piracy

On the delivery of powerful imagery and perceptions of what our lives either should be or actually are, television has done a wonderful job as a messenger, so far. From the far heights of the Hollywood hills to the shores of the Greek islands, television shows have set the standard on what we westerners all […]

Harlots’ Sauce Radio Book Review ~ September 2009

_____________________________________________________ Midori by Moonlight by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga _____________________________________________________ Midori by Moonlight Author: Wendy Nelson Tokunaga Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin ISBN: 978-0312372613 Reviewer: Patricia Volonakis Davis Though Midori by Moonlight was published in 2007, I only just discovered this book a few months ago. And I’m delighted that I did.