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They Said it Would Be Wonderful

A short story by Susanna Solomon At seventeen, Christy St. Claire had been a virgin long enough. All of her friends had made it with guys, but she hadn’t, no, not yet. Having a boyfriend was a big deal for her, but that wasn’t the point, not really. It was this goddamn virginity, and it […]

The Stoning of Sister Mc Bride

by Vicola England The Catholic Church, not exactly a stranger to controversy, has once again found itself in the spotlight, but not for the usual reasons of sexual abuse by priests, or one of its clergy letting rip with a one-liner that breaks every equality law known to humankind. No — this is a new […]

Song-Free Somalia

by Natasha J. Stillman Imagine one day, you turned on your usual radio station and there was no music – no songs, no instrumentals, not even a single commercial jingle. What would you think? What would you do? Sure, we’ve heard of songs being banned from radio play over the decades (from Billie Holiday’s “Love […]

Christians Disappointed in Jennifer Knapp

by Lindsey Kay Jennifer Knapp is a lesbian. That probably doesn’t mean much to a lot of people who weren’t following contemporary Christian music in the mid-nineties. Yet there is a subset of people for whom this news is important. They seem to have already (in the short few weeks since the news became public) […]

In for the Kill: Greece’s Economic Crisis

by Ilias Kountoupis Allow me to put graphically how my fellow countrymen are feeling right now: ridden hard by domestic politicians, pursued by international speculators lurking in the dark, and put away wet, exhausted, and abused. And now our pursuers are closing in for the kill, their appetite for blood reinvigorated just as our government […]

ARTIST’s Madonna and Child Breastfeeding Paintings Removed from Facebook as “Obscenities”

by Kate Hansen After the birth of my son in 2007, I felt an incredible energy and drive to make art. Contrary to the popular belief that art-making is one of the things that fall to the wayside after the birth of children, I felt not just inspired but compelled by my experience of childbirth […]

Meet Me in Morocco

by Joey Racano (special to Harlots’ Sauce Radio) ‘Ye shall smell land, though none such is nigh and ‘neath the laughter of gulls, a white whale shall surface spouting crimson into a wasted sea And with his great flukes shall ye be made to swim among the splinters’ -J. Racano Just in time for summer, […]

Poopy-Pants – Just Another Day in The Mommy Trenches

by Grace Bon The other day we went to pick my niece up from pre-school. I waited in the car with my daughter while my cousin ran out to the classroom to get her daughter. It was just a normal afternoon. Or so I thought. I happened to look around and noticed a boy in […]

Can the Pope Be Detained?

by Peter McCarthy (reporting from Australia) This last week has seen some interesting commentary about whether the current Pope can be put on trial for covering up child abuse when he was Cardinal Ratzinger as late as November 2002. This report from St Oswald Foundation is one of the better ones for covering the options. […]

Remembering Roses

by Jean Wong I could no more procrastinate than bungee jump from a bridge. As children, we were taught that life was serious. “Fun” was tolerated as an incidental occurrence in everyday life, but had nothing to do with the main idea. “Study hard, make good grades, save money” was programmed into our minds like […]