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Harmony or Hatred – What's Really Going on in Multicultural Britain?

by Vicola England Once again the issue of Islam in Britain has raised its head, this time courtesy of the Right Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester in case you were wondering. The Bishop has announced that Islamic extremists have turned parts of Britain into ‘no-go areas’ for those who don’t follow Mohammad, stating […]

A Girl, a Boy, and a Fountain

by Patricia V. Davis The spring I turned twenty-two, I was desperately trying to recover from a ravaging love affair that had changed me from a girl who was somewhat confident for her age and mostly happy, to one who was completely demoralized. It was not only the relationship itself, but the reactions to the […]

La Buona Cucina – NEW Harlots’ Sauce Food Column by Ann Minard

Gnocchi Nothing reminds me more of my childhood than gnocchi (pronounced ‘nyokie’) as my Mom and I spent many hours making pounds of gnocchi for Sunday dinners. We would usually make enough gnocchi to feast on with other large Italian families so we rolled, cut, and shaped thousands of gnocchi at a time. One thing […]