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Advice from an "Expert in Failed Relationships"

by Patricia V. Davis Dear Expert in Failed Relationships: I haven’t spoken to my parents in years and never will again.  Believe me when I tell you I have very good reason. In fact, I’m so comfortable with this decision, so sure it’s the right one that I’m actually, for lack of any other word, […]

‘Fat’ Mommy

by Grace Bon So… I have a confession. The weight on my driver’s license? It’s wrong. Totally wrong. I no longer weigh 105 lbs. I know. Shocking, isn’t it? In fact, it’s been quite a few years since my weight has been 105. And I think part of me is in denial. Like, I think […]

A Holiday Recipe: Zabaglione (Italian Eggnog)

By Ann Minard As a child growing up in a first generation Italian American home the sound of a whisk beating rapidly against a metal bowl could mean only one thing─ zabaglione! I remember my Dad would never let us know ahead of time that he was making zabaglione, but rather he loved to surprise […]


by Hannah Whitman by Hannah Whitman There’s this ghost inside my room we’ve become good friends, we watch the shadows on my wall and lay down on my bed. I tell her all my secrets She tells me stories of the grave, the cold, the dark, the dampness she’s become their slave. Her hands are […]

Wills and Kate Tat for Sale

by Vicola England In case you’ve been stuck in a cave, I shall enlighten you about a little-talked about fact from the UK – Prince William and his girlfriend Kate are now engaged. It’s wall to wall coverage. Every ruddy channel and radio station is talking about it. Prize for the most pointless bit of […]


by Hannah Whitman I put on my best dress for you, even though I wasn’t supposed to. I shined up my shoes and did up my hair, raced off to the station- at noon you’d be there. I imagined what my momma would say, when she finally realized I had run away. But nothing mattered […]


By Con Carlyon I’ve been thinking some more about Truth, or more particularly, how we come by it. For most of us, I would think we first look to our parents for our truth, then to our teachers, and then to our religious instructors.  And as we enter adolescence, we look to our peers. After […]

On The ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque (a must-read for every American)

by Lindsey Kay “I am a man with no country,” he said.  “My Muslim brothers hate me because I have grown Western, but the West hates me because my brothers are Muslim.” This one man is not alone in his plight.  Across the United States, millions of Muslims find themselves walking the tightrope between embracing […]

Karakia (Prayers for a Baby Boy)

by Eros-Alegra Clarke Prayers All day my body is curved around my seven-month-old baby, Joaquin. He rides on my hip, his hand resting on my breast, his arm slung over my shoulder. I am once again transformed into a one-armed pourer of tea, maker of ba-bas, masher of potatoes. A one-finger typist. In less than […]

Cute but Tasty

by Natasha J. Stillman I live in New Zealand.  I drive by my meat a lot.  In spring the lambs are plentiful, frisky and adorable. Unfortunately for them, they are also tasty, and being New Zealand, lamb is relatively inexpensive and on every menu.  While traveling on the road or on a walk, my husband and […]