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Twenty-Five Clues the Man of Your Dreams Will Become the Man Your Children Only See on Weekends

by Patricia V. Davis Are you engaged to be married, but no one in your circle seems as rapturous about it as you are? Is it possible that they see something to which your infatuation might ─ just might ─ have blinded you? Well, once again, I, your Expert in Failed Relationships is here to […]

TRUE GRIT Part Three of Into Africa |African Queens

by Sharon Walling The first time I saw a Ugandan woman in her traditional garb, Lord Byron’s verse “She walks in beauty, like the night,” flashed in my mind. The women of Uganda are pictures of grace. They are stately and quiet. When I was a little girl, my mother used to tell me to […]

Murdoch, Einstein and Me

by Con Carlyon I watched Piers Morgan interview an atheist during the week. Piers asked what the atheist thought happened when we die. The atheist asked Piers if he could remember what it was like before he was born. I think he was trying to convey that we could expect it to be the same […]

Just Take the Shot!

by Catharine Bramkamp I am surrounded by professional photographers. My husband works for a professional camera bag company and is an accomplished photographer. My youngest son is an accomplished photographer; his photograph graces the cover of my book, Ammonia Sunrise. My father was an excellent photographer. My grandparents – prolific.        But I just want […]

Bits and Pieces

by Jo Lauer “Babe…” Wendy called as she stomped snow from her boots in the foyer before walking ploddingly and stocking-footed down the Italian-tiled hallway toward the kitchen. The strident chirp of a bird was the only response. She stopped short and grinned at the profusion of red rose petals and brightly colored confetti that […]

The Occupation of America—2011

Or- The Ideological Ruminations of a “Jinglebrained Ninnyhammer” by R.G. Ryan An Economics professor at Texas Tech University was arguing with his students over the benefits of capitalism versus socialism. The professor was a proponent of capitalism while the majority of the class was largely socialistic in their ideology. So he said, “For the remainder […]

NBA Lockout 101

By Andrew Skaggs Shades of 1998 have resurfaced again for NBA fans, as the chance of having a 2011 season seems less likely by the day. In that 1998 season, however, they managed to play 50 games and salvage the season, but as of now, the NBA can only hope for a result such as […]

The Thing About Movements…

by Deborah Grabien First things first: I should say, up front, that this is not going to be a particularly unbiased look at the Occupy movement. As much as I would have liked this to be an exemplar of classic journalism – with the author’s opinion tidily tucked into the background in favor of impartiality […]

Ready For the Grave

by Susanna Solomon My name is Doris. I do hair. All kinds of hair- short, long, layered. I make curly hair straight, and straight hair curly, and I turn brown hair to honey and blond hair to mahogany. Oh, and I do highlights and asymmetrical cuts, my scissors flying. The women leave my chair transformed. […]

The Literary Achievements of Eurquart Ledbetter

by James Hancock Last week, I was sitting around the bike shop doing some networking because it was too cold to do any messenger runs.  I had a stack of small, unmarked packages to deliver, but the public restrooms in the park where I always drop them were too frigid to hang around, so I […]