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ADVERTISING Rates for HS Radio

HS Radio is currently a quarterly magazine, so all rates are for three months display, with discounts given for six months and one year displays, as follows:

Simple link to your site: 25.00 USD  (for 3 months)

45.00 USD  (for 6 months)

80.00 USD  (for 12 months)


125 x125 jpeg with link: 50.00 USD  (for 3 months)

90.00 USD  (for 6 months)

160.00 USD  (for 12 months)


250 x 250 jpeg with link: 100.00 USD (for 3 months)

180.00 USD (for 6 months)

320.00 USD (for 12 months)


Banner with link: 250.00 USD  (for 3 months)

450.00 USD  (for 6 months)

800.00 USD  (for 12 months)

Non-Profit Rate: Subject to interpretation by Harper Davis Publishing and available to qualifying organizations upon request. HS Radio e-magazine and Harper Davis Publishing reserve the right to refuse any advertising we deem irresponsible or not in accordance with our philosophy. We also reserve the right to provide free advertising to causes we support.

Mechanical Requirements:

Simple jpeg files in the sizes above, up to 500 pixels, are acceptable. HTML  text is helpful and preferred. If a great deal for resizing/ reformatting needs to be done before we can place your ad, we will do so at an additional charge, and we’ll communicate that to you via email for your approval before any changes are made.

Advertisers without approved credit must pay in cash prior to insertion until credit is established. There will be 1-1/2% interest per month on accounts that are 60 days old.

Email us here to set up your ad.

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