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NBA Lockout 101

By Andrew Skaggs Shades of 1998 have resurfaced again for NBA fans, as the chance of having a 2011 season seems less likely by the day. In that 1998 season, however, they managed to play 50 games and salvage the season, but as of now, the NBA can only hope for a result such as […]

How to Win Your Office March Madness Pool

by Andrew Skaggs The greatest month of the year has arrived, at least for college basketball fans. That, of course, is the month of March, and along with it comes March Madness. It is an 18-day span of buzzer-beaters, legendary upsets, and the college atmosphere that accompanies each game. The tournament starts with 68 teams […]

Decisions, Decisions

by Andrew Skaggs The last time I checked, a decision was a simple act of making up your mind about something. However, famous athletes like LeBron James have given the word a whole new meaning. Along with that, of course, came the glaring spotlight of the media to create an attention-hungry, egocentric event of epic […]