A Poem by Daniel Coshnear

  By Daniel Coshnear     Breathtakingly So often precedes beautiful Maybe it’s the alliteration we like Or the rollercoaster of four syllables Before three Do the Buddhists say Breathtakingly Beautiful? Sure, I remember crushes The surprise of her face by my locker Leaning in, smiling, seeing through me My ears beating blood Face burning […]

The River and The People

By Waights Taylor Meandering out of the north, the Russian River is enveloped in winter’s grip: steely dark waters, gray skies, bare trees, and muddy banks filled with detritus and flotsam from floods gone by. The river wends around Fitch Mountain ever seeking a path beneath the dark skies to its destiny with the sea, […]

Immigrant Girl

by Ann Carranza She was 14, this bright girl with no promise in her future Eyes dark and hair, too

I Feel the Cold Embrace

by Hannah Whitman I feel the cold embrace of these sullen shadows thats all thats left of my reflection. Reaching out to touch my face I feel your cheeks are sallow yet you’re still the picture of perfection Hannah Whitman is 16 years old. She has loved writing short stories since she can remember, and […]

A Breeze of Wings

by Cynthia Beecher They switch places To learn what the other knows She usually leads Her arrows ready The gold dipped tips Sharp and intuitive It’s her turn to ride in back He rides forward Free to lead her He can no longer say I only went along She never before saw his flowers turning […]

Friday in Novato ~ by Patricia McCaron

by Patricia McCaron Hey, Listen to this. The poetry of story. A poet tells a story about stories. Poetry, gossip and the pursuit of Pleasure. Is there any other way? Now what do you think of me? You’ve got to stop and be there for the poem as long as it takes. Just stand still. […]

Families ~ by Peg Alford Pursell

by Peg Alford Pursell Even the stars collect in families. No body is alone in space. Astral pearls of light – strings of sisters – glow, Father the brilliant medallion marks the mouth of a black hole, A hydrogen web Mother spins and weaves her nebulous net, the Old red ancestors fade but never defect: […]

The Gnosticism of the Greenhouse ~ by Lucy Simpson

by Lucy Simpson “I am perception and knowledge, uttering a Voice by means of thought. I am the real Voice. I cry out in everyone, and they recognize it (the voice), since a seed dwells in them.” ─ Nag Hammadi Library, Trimorphic Protennoia, translated by John D. Turner Back in the garden of eden when […]

Stars Haiku ~ by Sharon Walling

“Moon” by Miles Ranno Lying on damp grass Orion writes on my heart Tears sparkle like stars ___________________________________________ Sharon Walling has published a number of editorials and is a member of Christian Writers Guild. Last 5 posts by Guest PoetA Poem by Daniel Coshnear – December 17th, 2010The River and The People – December 17th, […]

PEGASUS ~ By Ruth Wildes Schuler

White winged wonder navigating the celestial cosmos gathering stardust from dwarfed red stars, and descending to sprinkle the powers of inspiration on earth’s artistic population. A bit of yellow on Van Gogh before his easel in a hayfield, green on Hemingway in his emerald hills of Africa, gold on Isadora Duncan’s toes, a rainbow mixture […]