The Perfect Glimpse into an Addict’s Mind (based on a real dream)

by Hannah Whitman photo: The House was a Part of Her, and Now She’s a Part of the House, by Lydia Selk I had a dream there were alleyways that stretched across the earth, Cobblestone hallways sweating condensation since the darkness’ birth. Shivering, dripping I walked under the sinking moonlight, All those times we’d talked […]


by Hannah Whitman by Hannah Whitman There’s this ghost inside my room we’ve become good friends, we watch the shadows on my wall and lay down on my bed. I tell her all my secrets She tells me stories of the grave, the cold, the dark, the dampness she’s become their slave. Her hands are […]


by Hannah Whitman I put on my best dress for you, even though I wasn’t supposed to. I shined up my shoes and did up my hair, raced off to the station- at noon you’d be there. I imagined what my momma would say, when she finally realized I had run away. But nothing mattered […]