Take a Trip Around the Heart

I wait for cold, rain drenched week-nights when everyone is inside warming up to each other after work and the streets become as hollow and sad as a drained can of Coca-Cola. I like to wander down to 59W and 44th, to stand, hip cocked in the middle of the intersection, flipping a dripping pink […]

My Dating Ad

I am the cheap wine that tasters shun. But I say, to hell with them ─ anyone should be able to fall in love with a ten dollar bottle! You could take me home without spending much more than a tuppence on open mindedness. I won’t shower you with pretenses, and not to boast, but […]

If We *Must* Fight

If people *must* fight, I think they should do it by dancing. When a battle ensues, two adversaries should show no hint of submission in their faces and in their body language. Those two dancers should play convincing roles as vengeful enemies embarking on a duel to the death. They should dance at each other. […]

The Cutie with the Blonde Mop of Hair

I am cleaning out my apartment today, purging things I no longer need, anticipating the move I will make in two months to a nicer, more quiet neighbourhood. I’ve stumbled upon a little pile of candid photos of my mom that date back as far as the late 40’s when she was simply a little […]