Single Parent Dating

Did you know that there are about 14 million single parents here in the U.S. today? They are responsible for raising 21.6 million of our nation’s children. (Based on 2005 census statistics, released in 2007) And within the last few years, I became part of that growing single parent population. After my divorce was final, […]

A Moment for Mom: A Valentine’s Story

My mom was 7 months pregnant before she told anyone. At that point, even she had only known for two months, but everyone close to her found out when she turned on all the gas in her trailer, shut all the windows, and tried to slip easily into the next world. After her roommate discovered […]

A Fortunate Mistake

She fumbled in her purse for a tissue to wipe her son’s nose. Before she could find it he sneezed again, sending a glob of snot down the front of his freshly ironed shirt. She sighed. So much for first impressions. “Mommy, my nose is running,” he said. “I know honey, hold on. Mommy is […]

Blackberries, Big Wheels, and “Bleachy Mama”

We use to pick blackberries together, she and I. I didn’t like blackberries, but it was fun picking them along the railroad tracks beside our apartment complex. Our fingers would be stained deep purple, her tongue and lips would match. She had chubby cheeks and the sweetest smile, made even sweeter by the silver caps […]

Tighter ~ Coping with Depression, Part II

Getting your head screwed on right is a lot of work. And as we all know, lying in bed and hiding from the world doesn’t help. The first aspect I tackled was my heart. Spiritually, that is. I went to bed Saturday night night thinking that I wouldn’t go to church on Sunday. I was […]

Beautiful Stolen Goods

When my children first walked into the house quickly and stealth-like, and then emerged from the craft room with two pairs of safety scissors, I should have paused to find out what was up. Alas, I was immersed in my baked ravioli recipe and only mildly considered investigating. Ten minutes and one butchered rosebush later, […]

Many years later…..

Since being diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, it’s been like a light bulb going off in my head. I can recognize the symptoms for what they are now, and talk myself down from the ledge of emotional free-fall. This morning I woke up with a knot in my chest. My shoulders were tense. I felt […]