Cheers to the Queers!

It’s been another of those weeks. One of those weeks where through no doing of my own, I’ve been subjected to debate after scandal, after f*cking annoying headline, on a topic upon which I’ve closed the book long ago. So, after much deliberation I’m going to post my take on things, so that hopefully everyone […]

Am I a Liberal Cream-puff, a Pinko-Socialist, a War-Monger, an Obama-Lover, or even a Libertarian?

I like to examine both sides of an argument before I write an opinion, and while I fully admit I’m no expert, I do make the effort to make comparisons to history whenever possible before wading into the debate. Lately however, I’ve found it rather difficult to get two sides of any political conversation. My […]

How Can Closing Guantánamo Be Controversial?

As the deadline for this month’s column for Harlots’ Sauce Radio was fast approaching, I looked through my pantry for any number of prospective Political Hash posts, but found my cupboards bare, because these past few weeks the political scene has been uncharacteristically lacking in subjects about which I’ve felt inclined to write. The impetus […]

Kevin Martin: Future-Killing Assh*le

Someone Needs To Photoshop this Face on a Gay Porn Star Kevin Martin the Chair of the FCC is pushing that a chunk of the wireless spectrum auction this month to have stipulations of a porn filter. Sounds kinda nice doesn’t it? You could have an internet connection that wouldn’t have any porn on it, […]

The Mentality of the Young

Youth drives people, experience maintains them, but though some say that, “youth is wasted on the young,” I say that if we young-uns had the experience to “know better,” then we wouldn’t have the drive to try anything in the first place. When I talk to older people about my beliefs that civil liberties should […]

Hoffart Speaks Out (While They Still Let Him)

George Bush declares that Iran is the enemy of the US, and it is. But, it’s an enemy because the United States has made it so. Since the 60’s the US has been meddling in Iranian affairs over oil without remorse. They’ve been trying to provoke Iran to attack them but this treatment is akin […]

Lieberman Sends Nuclear Note to Executive Branch

Senator Joe Lieberman, in his capacity as chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, has assigned gloomy homework to 16 federal agencies, asking them for full descriptions of their preparations in case of a nuclear device detonating on U.S. soil. It’s the nightmare  cenario, terrorists importing a nuclear weapon and setting it off in an […]