by Hannah Whitman by Hannah Whitman There’s this ghost inside my room we’ve become good friends, we watch the shadows on my wall and lay down on my bed. I tell her all my secrets She tells me stories of the grave, the cold, the dark, the dampness she’s become their slave. Her hands are […]


By Con Carlyon I’ve been thinking some more about Truth, or more particularly, how we come by it. For most of us, I would think we first look to our parents for our truth, then to our teachers, and then to our religious instructors.  And as we enter adolescence, we look to our peers. After […]

A Poem by Daniel Coshnear

  By Daniel Coshnear     Breathtakingly So often precedes beautiful Maybe it’s the alliteration we like Or the rollercoaster of four syllables Before three Do the Buddhists say Breathtakingly Beautiful? Sure, I remember crushes The surprise of her face by my locker Leaning in, smiling, seeing through me My ears beating blood Face burning […]

Sea Dreams

by Sharon Walling Lila, at nine was the younger of two sisters.  She laughed easily and had a heart bigger than her years. She played piano and sang and did both very well, thank you very much.  She was a good student, because school was not only a favorite pastime, it was an escape.But when […]

The River and The People

By Waights Taylor Meandering out of the north, the Russian River is enveloped in winter’s grip: steely dark waters, gray skies, bare trees, and muddy banks filled with detritus and flotsam from floods gone by. The river wends around Fitch Mountain ever seeking a path beneath the dark skies to its destiny with the sea, […]

Immigrant Girl

by Ann Carranza She was 14, this bright girl with no promise in her future Eyes dark and hair, too