How Did That Man Become Australia’s Opposition Leader?

by Peter McCarthy   The stunning reaction to last week’s speech by Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, calling out Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for his serial offending as a sexist, must have the rest of the World wondering what makes Tony tick. Asyou can see by his body language in the YouTube clip, it was […]

Just Take the Shot!

by Catharine Bramkamp I am surrounded by professional photographers. My husband works for a professional camera bag company and is an accomplished photographer. My youngest son is an accomplished photographer; his photograph graces the cover of my book, Ammonia Sunrise. My father was an excellent photographer. My grandparents – prolific.        But I just want […]

Bits and Pieces

by Jo Lauer “Babe…” Wendy called as she stomped snow from her boots in the foyer before walking ploddingly and stocking-footed down the Italian-tiled hallway toward the kitchen. The strident chirp of a bird was the only response. She stopped short and grinned at the profusion of red rose petals and brightly colored confetti that […]

Ready For the Grave

by Susanna Solomon My name is Doris. I do hair. All kinds of hair- short, long, layered. I make curly hair straight, and straight hair curly, and I turn brown hair to honey and blond hair to mahogany. Oh, and I do highlights and asymmetrical cuts, my scissors flying. The women leave my chair transformed. […]

You Did Not Just Say That!

by Maria Karamitsos Last year I had a miscarriage. I had the kind of miscarriage that could cause other health problems – and it did. I’m still undergoing treatment, so the wounds still run deep. There’s not been any opportunity for closure. Hopefully you will never experience the grieving process that follows losing a child. […]

Harlots Sauce March Book Reviews

All Her Father’s Guns by James Warner ISBN: 978-0984260027 Trade Paperback: 200 pages Vox Novus (January 7, 2011) 13.95 USD   reviewed by Nigel Voight   They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” and in this case that adage is indeed apt. James Warner’s All Her Father’s Guns is a cleverly-orchestrated story of […]

The Perfect Glimpse into an Addict’s Mind (based on a real dream)

by Hannah Whitman photo: The House was a Part of Her, and Now She’s a Part of the House, by Lydia Selk I had a dream there were alleyways that stretched across the earth, Cobblestone hallways sweating condensation since the darkness’ birth. Shivering, dripping I walked under the sinking moonlight, All those times we’d talked […]

Where Stories Are Found: in the oddest places

by Deborah Grabien photo: ‘Massage Therapist’ by Lydia Selk   A few months ago, literally five minutes walk from my home in San Francisco, someone opened a cheap massage place. For me, as a writer with multiple sclerosis, that’s a gift from the cosmos. I spend long hours at the computer, I have a neurological […]

The Real Me

by James Hancock It was on a bright, starry night that the traveling circus rolled into town. From my vantage point on a bar stool across the street, I could see everything, as the tired little caravan straggled into the vacant lot next to City Hall. I had just left the tattoo parlor after making […]

My Backyard

By Con Carlyon I’ve been looking out the window at my backyard. I live on a typical quarter acre suburban block, in a city of some 100,000 people. I’ve lived here for thirty years, and that backyard has seen many changes. I’ve erected swings and seesaws for my kids to play on. I’ve played football […]