Rebel Like an Egyptian: How Youth, Facebook, and Apple Inc. Toppled a Regime

Youthful civil disobedience will never be the same again. Thanks to their superior knowledge of modern technology, it will conquer. Think of it as the Ice Age Theory as opposed to the sudden Meteor Theory; a freeze which slowly but inevitably prevailed over the unsuspecting and unprepared Tyrannosaurus Rex. Used to being a force of terror, drunk on its own power, Mr. T. Rex just didn’t notice how chilly it was getting. Today, we are the dinosaurs compared to those who not only simply utilize the convenience and entertainment value of Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone, but know how they work. On this premise, governments will rise or fall, revolutions will succeed or fail, based on the skills of either side’s best hackers.

Wills and Kate Tat for Sale

by Vicola England In case you’ve been stuck in a cave, I shall enlighten you about a little-talked about fact from the UK – Prince William and his girlfriend Kate are now engaged. It’s wall to wall coverage. Every ruddy channel and radio station is talking about it. Prize for the most pointless bit of […]

Cute but Tasty

by Natasha J. Stillman I live in New Zealand.  I drive by my meat a lot.  In spring the lambs are plentiful, frisky and adorable. Unfortunately for them, they are also tasty, and being New Zealand, lamb is relatively inexpensive and on every menu.  While traveling on the road or on a walk, my husband and […]

Decisions, Decisions

by Andrew Skaggs The last time I checked, a decision was a simple act of making up your mind about something. However, famous athletes like LeBron James have given the word a whole new meaning. Along with that, of course, came the glaring spotlight of the media to create an attention-hungry, egocentric event of epic […]

Into Africa: A Journal of a New Life in Uganda

by Sharon Walling Tiny lights from small houses diamond-stud the darkness. I would like to gather all them all and cast them into the sky by my house in Masindi. But perhaps the lack of lighted hills will enhance the million-star sky I hope to see. Are there stars in Masindi? There must be. I […]

Harlots Sauce December Book Reviews

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Mamalita: An Adoption Memoir by Jessica O’Dwyer Seal Press (November 2010) ISBN: 978-1-58005-334-1 Trade Paperback 312 pages $16.95 reviewed by Jo O’Neil In the past fifteen years Americans have adopted more than 200, 000 children from overseas. Anyone who’s thinking of adopting a child from a foreign country must ─ not should ─put Jessica O‘Dwyer’s […]