Swine Flu – Preparedness – Are YOU Ready?

Swine flu – it’s all the papers and the radio are full of at the moment. Apparently our government is ‘fully prepared’ for the outbreak, which as anyone who has lived here for any length of time can tell you, is government speak for, “We’re completely f*cked”. Since apparently most people in the world are […]

Australia’s Reaction to the Election of Barack Obama

In an unusual turn of events for Australia, and more than likely as a measure of relief felt around the country, the inauguration of Barack Obama was telecast on several television stations, which indicated that the expectations in Oz are easily as high as those of his fans in the States. After an initial acceptance […]

Harriet Harmon, Wanker of the Week

The day after the US gives itself a fine clean sheet by swearing in a brand, shiny, new president, British politics follows by…..offering us a new candidate for “Wanker of the Week.” How marvellous. We are so proud. Below, for your viewing pleasure, is BBC News coverage of protesters who have taken residence on the […]

Gaza: Some Observations

On December 27, 2008, shortly before noon, Israel launched a military campaign against Gaza called, ‘Operation Cast Lead. It began with air and missile strikes against various Hamas targets. Israel’s Air Force is the fourth largest in the world. The stated objective of this campaign was to stop Hamas from carrying out further rocket attacks […]

Greece ─ Remember, Remember the 6th of December!

It’s easy to forget. We open our memory’s garbage bin and in we throw all our bad experiences and sad memories. When it comes to personal affairs, this practice is acceptable. But when it involves bits and pieces of a nation’s collective memory, it can cost us our wellbeing and social solidarity. Amongst we Greeks, […]

A Future of Immigration

Greece has always played a starring role in the history of human migration. Depending on whatever socioeconomic and political conditions exist, Greece’s population has provided some valuable examples in regards to the incentives behind immigration and emigration. These are widely known as “push factors” (reasons to emigrate), and “pull factors” (reasons to immigrate). According to […]

The Island of Lesbos Sues Lesbian Groups

News Flash – The island of Lesbos has taken exception to “lesbians,” or as the spokesperson gently put it, “certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos,” using the term “lesbian.” As he so aptly stated, “My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian.” I note he forgot to add the Australian (and Jerry […]

Why Does America Think it Has the Right?

Five years after “Mission Accomplished,” I still marvel at how Americans feel it is their “right” to interfere in the politics of other countries. And not just Iraq. A number of smaller countries have been subjected to their interference. It seems that if a politician can drum up a case of national security, they automatically […]

Greek Blogging Laws

Press-gr. is one of the most visited Greek blogs, whose purpose is to critique the Greek government and society and to provide news that goes under the radar of the mainstream media. I visit it daily to get information about government scandals and corruption. Some posts are bogus, but most are accurate. The Greek government […]

Leave My Flag on the Mast

Just lately I’m seeing a lot of the Aussie flag. But not where it should be, which is, up the pole. Aussies were always nervous about flag wavers in days gone by. Sure, we’re proud of where we live, but overt gestures were rightly regarded with mistrust. A pollie wrapping themselves in the flag was […]