Karakia (Prayers for a Baby Boy)

by Eros-Alegra Clarke Prayers All day my body is curved around my seven-month-old baby, Joaquin. He rides on my hip, his hand resting on my breast, his arm slung over my shoulder. I am once again transformed into a one-armed pourer of tea, maker of ba-bas, masher of potatoes. A one-finger typist. In less than […]

Advice from an "Expert in Failed Relationships"

by Patricia Volonakis Davis Text, Love, and Marriage Dear EFR: I’ve been with my husband for nine years. He lost his job and took one as a security guard out of town for one month. Five months later, I picked up his phone one day and saw a text from someone saying, “Hi love, how […]

ARTIST’s Madonna and Child Breastfeeding Paintings Removed from Facebook as “Obscenities”

After the birth of my son in 2007, I felt an incredible energy and drive to make art. Contrary to the popular belief that art-making is one of the things that fall to the wayside after the birth of children, I felt not just inspired but compelled by my experience of childbirth and motherhood. The […]

John Robbins and Dan Millman Will be Keynoters at the 2010 San Francisco Writing for Change Conference

by Barbara Santos John Robbins (Healthy at 100, Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution) and Dan Millman of the ever popular Peaceful Warrior books will be the keynoters when the 2010 San Francisco Writing for Change conference returns this November 13 and 14. This will be John Robbins first appearance at the […]