Bits and Pieces

by Jo Lauer “Babe…” Wendy called as she stomped snow from her boots in the foyer before walking ploddingly and stocking-footed down the Italian-tiled hallway toward the kitchen. The strident chirp of a bird was the only response. She stopped short and grinned at the profusion of red rose petals and brightly colored confetti that […]

At the Threshold

by Christine Falcone   There is a certain element of forgetting involved in being human.  Just to be able to function everyday, we must somehow overlook the fact that, as an example, we’re all going to die.  It’s this particular type of amnesia that I pray for every morning when I open my eyes, and […]

The Sleeper

by Benjamin Russack “Just make sure she doesn’t fuck anybody.”  Tai worked the teeth of a comb across his fingers. “Alright?” I listened to the uneven tick of the plastic tines. Better than anyone else, I knew why Tai was nervous. Nineteen, fierce, brunette Joyce often took breakfast with no one but herself, at a […]

Sea Dreams

by Sharon Walling Lila, at nine was the younger of two sisters.  She laughed easily and had a heart bigger than her years. She played piano and sang and did both very well, thank you very much.  She was a good student, because school was not only a favorite pastime, it was an escape.But when […]

They Said it Would Be Wonderful

A short story by Susanna Solomon At seventeen, Christy St. Claire had been a virgin long enough. All of her friends had made it with guys, but she hadn’t, no, not yet. Having a boyfriend was a big deal for her, but that wasn’t the point, not really. It was this goddamn virginity, and it […]

A Fortunate Mistake

She fumbled in her purse for a tissue to wipe her son’s nose. Before she could find it he sneezed again, sending a glob of snot down the front of his freshly ironed shirt. She sighed. So much for first impressions. “Mommy, my nose is running,” he said. “I know honey, hold on. Mommy is […]

You Can't Get Good Help These Days

“What you need is a vacation.” Sixty-fifth Assistant glanced at his boss through the corner of his eye, sneaking a peek at the boss’s reaction to his suggestion. Noting with no small amount of relief that the boss was still sitting calmly behind his desk, he dared to add, “Perhaps somewhere near Capricus Prime or […]