Nonna Flora’s Pasta Genovese

by Ann Casolaro Minard ~My Nonna with my dad and siblings~ La Genovese is a bit of a mystery because it does not come from Genoa, but from Naples, and some even say that this is one of Naples best kept secrets! Pasta Genovese is in fact one of the highest praised dishes to come […]

A Holiday Recipe: Zabaglione (Italian Eggnog)

By Ann Minard As a child growing up in a first generation Italian American home the sound of a whisk beating rapidly against a metal bowl could mean only one thing─ zabaglione! I remember my Dad would never let us know ahead of time that he was making zabaglione, but rather he loved to surprise […]

La Buona Cucina – NEW Harlots’ Sauce Food Column by Ann Minard

Gnocchi Nothing reminds me more of my childhood than gnocchi (pronounced ‘nyokie’) as my Mom and I spent many hours making pounds of gnocchi for Sunday dinners. We would usually make enough gnocchi to feast on with other large Italian families so we rolled, cut, and shaped thousands of gnocchi at a time. One thing […]