Where Stories Are Found: in the oddest places

by Deborah Grabien photo: ‘Massage Therapist’ by Lydia Selk   A few months ago, literally five minutes walk from my home in San Francisco, someone opened a cheap massage place. For me, as a writer with multiple sclerosis, that’s a gift from the cosmos. I spend long hours at the computer, I have a neurological […]

The Real Me

by James Hancock It was on a bright, starry night that the traveling circus rolled into town. From my vantage point on a bar stool across the street, I could see everything, as the tired little caravan straggled into the vacant lot next to City Hall. I had just left the tattoo parlor after making […]

Harlots’ Sauce Radio is proud to announce the winner of this year’s Gregory Randall Prize – Vicola England!

Congratulations to Vicola! Below is a little bit about her: I’m Vicola, a proud Northerner from the UK, with very little tolerance and even less patience. I got started writing an online diary in a rather weird way. My cousin married a conman with a personality disorder, and after wreaking havoc and ‘appropriating’ a chunk […]

Things That Bug Me About the Way You Talk

Look, I write the way I speak. I am no grammar nazi, by any stretch of the imagination, but this stuff really bugs me. I don’t know why, it just DOES: 1. supposebly It’s “SUPPOSEDLY.” That’s a “D,” not a “B.” 2. I could care less If you COULD care less, then please, by all […]

Running Out of “Fuel” – One Staff Writer’s Experience with Writer’s Block

What makes a writer undoubtedly good? Is it creativity? Is it imagination? Or, is it personal experience? When is it easier for a writer to put thoughts, emotions, and ideas smoothly and effortlessly into valid sentences? Are there any periods in a writer’s life when the act of writing seems like the easiest thing in […]

Lamb of God? Mmm…Not Exactly

See, I don’t hate animals, but I am not an animal lover. As it turns out, I married a woman who does love them and at least two of my children inherited the same peculiarity. This opposing viewpoint has created a lot of memorable events for all of us in our family. I’ve helped birth […]

Gossip Girl

While I was in New York, I was trend-spotting with my friends. One TV show made the top of the list: Gossip Girl, the must-see teen drama on television today. Suddenly, shows like the O.C. and One Tree Hill seem so ‘last century’. Gossip Girl has taken television two steps ahead and after watching last […]

Vegan French Toast, or How I Managed to Stay Hungry Three Saturday Mornings in A Row

I have found my own personal white whale in life and it is vegan French toast. A few weeks ago, I began my quest to make the perfect non-animal French toast. It quickly became a quest to make edible non-animal French toast. Now I’d be happy if I could actually make it without having to […]

Passports, Stupid Subaru and Colds.

The PMT monster has arrived and once again people are avoiding me. This week has been simply brimming over with help and cooperation from the site management at work. (And again the sarcasm rears its ugly head.) Requests for information have been ignored, stupid requirements have been sent in and the word ‘please’ seems to […]