Tighter ~ Coping with Depression, Part II

Getting your head screwed on right is a lot of work. And as we all know, lying in bed and hiding from the world doesn’t help. The first aspect I tackled was my heart. Spiritually, that is. I went to bed Saturday night night thinking that I wouldn’t go to church on Sunday. I was […]

Friday Night Philosophy

I recently read a news story about a German pilot who bombed Bath during the war. At 87 years-old, he has returned to Bath to say he is sorry, and to pay his respects to the relatives of those who died during the bombing. Such a lot to learn from this story. This man identifies […]

Many years later…..

Since being diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression, it’s been like a light bulb going off in my head. I can recognize the symptoms for what they are now, and talk myself down from the ledge of emotional free-fall. This morning I woke up with a knot in my chest. My shoulders were tense. I felt […]

On Souls

It seems to me that for most religions to have any credibility at all, we humans must have a soul. Otherwise, there would be nothing to be judged as to whether we’d earned our place in heaven, or not. So, without a soul, religion has no power. Nil. Zilch. This is why the Roman Catholic […]

Love out of your comfort zone

I was talking to one of the guys at work today and the conversation turned to the cost of living and how it is affecting different people. This fellow is a fairly big guy, in his mid- forties. He leaned over toward me and spoke so his voice was just more than a whisper, “Don’t […]