Families ~ by Peg Alford Pursell

by Peg Alford Pursell Even the stars collect in families. No body is alone in space. Astral pearls of light – strings of sisters – glow, Father the brilliant medallion marks the mouth of a black hole, A hydrogen web Mother spins and weaves her nebulous net, the Old red ancestors fade but never defect: […]

The Gnosticism of the Greenhouse ~ by Lucy Simpson

by Lucy Simpson “I am perception and knowledge, uttering a Voice by means of thought. I am the real Voice. I cry out in everyone, and they recognize it (the voice), since a seed dwells in them.” ─ Nag Hammadi Library, Trimorphic Protennoia, translated by John D. Turner Back in the garden of eden when […]

Stars Haiku ~ by Sharon Walling

“Moon” by Miles Ranno Lying on damp grass Orion writes on my heart Tears sparkle like stars ___________________________________________ Sharon Walling has published a number of editorials and is a member of Christian Writers Guild. Last 5 posts by Guest PoetA Poem by Daniel Coshnear – December 17th, 2010The River and The People – December 17th, […]

PEGASUS ~ By Ruth Wildes Schuler

White winged wonder navigating the celestial cosmos gathering stardust from dwarfed red stars, and descending to sprinkle the powers of inspiration on earth’s artistic population. A bit of yellow on Van Gogh before his easel in a hayfield, green on Hemingway in his emerald hills of Africa, gold on Isadora Duncan’s toes, a rainbow mixture […]

Drinking in Bed

by Colin James The smallest of inadequacies left a taste of salt and splattered its tangibles unexpectedly.

the realization that my lover is light

(for Michael) by Lucy Simpson If I knew you were light I would’ve peeled away the layers to your glorious mouth many years ago

Take a Trip Around the Heart

I wait for cold, rain drenched week-nights when everyone is inside warming up to each other after work and the streets become as hollow and sad as a drained can of Coca-Cola. I like to wander down to 59W and 44th, to stand, hip cocked in the middle of the intersection, flipping a dripping pink […]

Finding Poems

Finding Poems by Bryan F. Warsaw __________________________________________ Jessie, On your mother’s couch, huddled over a laptop filled with hoarded treasures. “From where do poems come,” you read… We sat, smiling, musing, each of us- almost strangers-

Guest Poet – Lucy Simpson

Premonition of Billie Joe and the River (based on the song, Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry) I am dreaming of my Billie He dives down A dove to the water below To follow where the child did go Little rag doll limp thing Head an onion bulb left in the sun The river […]

My Dating Ad

I am the cheap wine that tasters shun. But I say, to hell with them ─ anyone should be able to fall in love with a ten dollar bottle! You could take me home without spending much more than a tuppence on open mindedness. I won’t shower you with pretenses, and not to boast, but […]