A Letter to the (British) Department of Health

Dear Department of Health, Opposition Parties and anyone else who has an unhealthy interest in what I consume. I have sat in my office with the radio on since returning to work after the New Year break, and I am noticing a recurring theme on the news bulletins, namely that alcohol is about to bring […]

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Dickhead

I finished The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Theories of the Universe. Am I any the wiser? I think so. I know there are more questions to be answered than I’ll ever find answers for. That’s alright. I know the quest for those answers is an ongoing one. As they say, better to travel hopefully than […]

Menopause and Melanin

A Scientific Exposition/Rebuttal by Dr. James Dewey Watson, Nobel Prize Winner 1962, Physiology or Medicine (A Satire) Ladies and Gentlemen, Esteemed Colleagues, Students of Genetics and Medicine: As many of you already know, I received the Nobel Prize for my co-discovery of the structure of DNA. I’ve been the chancellor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory […]

Immortal Kombat

I’m getting pretty tired of religion. It’s been an increasingly difficult issue for me and there seems to be no shortage of complicating factors to be revealed. The recent military action on Gaza by Israel is no small example. People endlessly argue over which party is more justified, effectively diminishing the deaths of real people […]

The London Olympics – Let’s Get Involved!

Politicians, mainly the ones who are involved in this harebrained scheme, have been complaining that there are those in the provinces and indeed in the capital itself who are not showing the proper enthusiasm and reverence for the multi-billion pound scheme that is London’s 2012 Olympics. I say piffle, why would we up north possibly […]

Why the Republicans Are Smarter Than the Democrats

…Well, at least their strategists are. Why? One only has to look at the candidates for the 2008 presidential election to figure out the answer. It’s no secret that more than 70 percent of Americans (and clearly this includes many registered Republicans) are, to say the least, “disappointed” with the current administration. Oil and food […]