How Did That Man Become Australia’s Opposition Leader?

by Peter McCarthy   The stunning reaction to last week’s speech by Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, calling out Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for his serial offending as a sexist, must have the rest of the World wondering what makes Tony tick. Asyou can see by his body language in the YouTube clip, it was […]

On the “Muslim Riots” and More

by Patricia V. Davis    None of us like to believe that we’re gullible or lazy, but when it comes to discerning what is reality and what is media and political spin, we are both. We so badly want to believe our chosen political party, our favourite newspaper or news program that we let ourselves […]

Profiling by the California Highway Patrol in Oakland, California: More Inclusive Than You Might Think

by Patricia V. Davis It’s been a common complaint by the citizens of Oakland, California over the years that their police department is a sham.  In fact, one has only to search the term “racial profiling Oakland Police department” on the internet for pages of links to unrelated instances of alleged excessive force, extortion and […]

Radical Zionism vs. Radical Islam, Radical Islam vs. Radical Zionism: A War of Words that is Working


“In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.”

The Occupation of America—2011

Or- The Ideological Ruminations of a “Jinglebrained Ninnyhammer” by R.G. Ryan An Economics professor at Texas Tech University was arguing with his students over the benefits of capitalism versus socialism. The professor was a proponent of capitalism while the majority of the class was largely socialistic in their ideology. So he said, “For the remainder […]

The Thing About Movements…

by Deborah Grabien First things first: I should say, up front, that this is not going to be a particularly unbiased look at the Occupy movement. As much as I would have liked this to be an exemplar of classic journalism – with the author’s opinion tidily tucked into the background in favor of impartiality […]

Justice in the Case of Luis Santos’ Death: A California Citizen and Friend of the Santos’ Family Weighs In

Just a few years ago, in August 2008, I was sitting at a party in the home of the Santos family. Their home was full of love and laughter, and it was then that I was introduced to Luis Santos. He was a beautiful boy; and I could see him becoming a handsome man in the future. He was charming and quick to smile and laugh. He interacted with his elderly relatives, parents, and cousins in a way that was thoughtful and considerate. I spoke with him for quite a while that day, and he told me all about the goals had for himself, and what sounded like big plans for a really bright future I was both charmed and impressed by him.

Harmony or Hatred – What's Really Going on in Multicultural Britain?

by Vicola England Once again the issue of Islam in Britain has raised its head, this time courtesy of the Right Reverend Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester in case you were wondering. The Bishop has announced that Islamic extremists have turned parts of Britain into ‘no-go areas’ for those who don’t follow Mohammad, stating […]

In for the Kill: Greece’s Economic Crisis

by Ilias Kountoupis Allow me to put graphically how my fellow countrymen are feeling right now: ridden hard by domestic politicians, pursued by international speculators lurking in the dark, and put away wet, exhausted, and abused. And now our pursuers are closing in for the kill, their appetite for blood reinvigorated just as our government […]

Revisiting the Armenian Genocide

During his presidential campaign, President Obama voiced numerous times the necessity to recognize what historians assert as the first holocaust of the 20th century, the Armenian Genocide. Unfortunately, after his ascension to the presidency, his words were rendered to an unfulfilled pledge, and this was not the first time this promise to the Armenian community […]