Divas Read Banned Books

by Jo O’Neil Our editor-in-chief, Patricia V. Davis, is the author of three published books and counting. Like any other author today, she knows the importance of marketing her own work, and so when The Diva Doctrine: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know came out, she immediately began to promote the title to […]

Against All Odds: On Being Dragged Against My Will By My Teenage Daughter to See James Franco’s New Movie

by Lorrie Goldin Would you cut off your right arm to save your child? That’s a no-brainer. Of course you would. OK, something harder, then: Would you go watch a movie about a guy who cuts off his right arm when your 18-year-old begs you? Hmmm. Even parental self-sacrifice has its limits. “Can’t we see […]

Harlots Sauce March Book Reviews

All Her Father’s Guns by James Warner ISBN: 978-0984260027 Trade Paperback: 200 pages Vox Novus (January 7, 2011) 13.95 USD   reviewed by Nigel Voight   They say “don’t judge a book by its cover” and in this case that adage is indeed apt. James Warner’s All Her Father’s Guns is a cleverly-orchestrated story of […]

Harlots Sauce December Book Reviews

Mamalita: An Adoption Memoir by Jessica O’Dwyer Seal Press (November 2010) ISBN: 978-1-58005-334-1 Trade Paperback 312 pages $16.95 reviewed by Jo O’Neil In the past fifteen years Americans have adopted more than 200, 000 children from overseas. Anyone who’s thinking of adopting a child from a foreign country must ─ not should ─put Jessica O‘Dwyer’s […]

Harlots Sauce June Book Reviews

32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter Paperback: 352 pages Publisher: Amistad (June 2010) ISBN-10: 0061957844 Reviewed by Jo O’Neil Nicknamed ‘Monkey Night’ by those who taunt her mercilessly in high school, Davidia Jone’s life-defining, tragicomic moments with an abusive mother, repulsive father, and the rich, unattainable boy she has a crush on are narrated via […]

Harlots Sauce Radio Book Reviews March 2010

_____________________________________________________ Feeding Strays by Stefanie Freele _____________________________________________________ Paperback, 268 pages Publisher: Lost Horse Press; First edition (September 1, 2009) ISBN: 978-0980028959 Reviewed by Patricia V. Davis If you read only one collection of short stories this year, Feeding Strays must be it. In fact, if you’re short on time, just the titles of some of […]

Harlots’ Sauce Radio Book Review ~ September 2009

_____________________________________________________ Midori by Moonlight by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga _____________________________________________________ Midori by Moonlight Author: Wendy Nelson Tokunaga Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin ISBN: 978-0312372613 Reviewer: Patricia Volonakis Davis Though Midori by Moonlight was published in 2007, I only just discovered this book a few months ago. And I’m delighted that I did.

Harlots’ Sauce Radio Book Review ~ May 2009

_____________________________________________________ How to Buy a Love of Reading by Tanya Egan Gibson _____________________________________________________ Review by Patricia Volonakis Davis Gibson’s debut novel appealed to me on many levels – as a writer, as a teacher, as an observer of human minutiae, as a person who grew up on NY’s Long Island, and as a long time […]

Harlots’ Sauce Radio Book Reviews ~ February 2009

________________________________________ The Fighter Pilot’s Wife by Gilberta Guth ________________________________________ Published by Call Sign Press Reviewed by Nigel Voight Between 1951 and 1998, Gilberta met, loved, married, had children with, and eventually became the widow of, Joe Guth, a pilot in the United States Air Force. This is her story about him and their life together. […]

Iron Man (2008)

Reviewed by Natasha J. Stillman Iron Man, directed by John Favreau, (Elf, Zathura: A Space Adventure) is a slick and well-paced ride from beginning to end. Favreau has never directed a film on this action scale before, and it’s to his credit that he cast Robert Downey Jr. to play the title role. Downey Jr. […]