How Did That Man Become Australia’s Opposition Leader?

by Peter McCarthy   The stunning reaction to last week’s speech by Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, calling out Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for his serial offending as a sexist, must have the rest of the World wondering what makes Tony tick. Asyou can see by his body language in the YouTube clip, it was […]

On the “Muslim Riots” and More

by Patricia V. Davis    None of us like to believe that we’re gullible or lazy, but when it comes to discerning what is reality and what is media and political spin, we are both. We so badly want to believe our chosen political party, our favourite newspaper or news program that we let ourselves […]

Profiling by the California Highway Patrol in Oakland, California: More Inclusive Than You Might Think

by Patricia V. Davis It’s been a common complaint by the citizens of Oakland, California over the years that their police department is a sham.  In fact, one has only to search the term “racial profiling Oakland Police department” on the internet for pages of links to unrelated instances of alleged excessive force, extortion and […]

Divas Read Banned Books

by Jo O’Neil Our editor-in-chief, Patricia V. Davis, is the author of three published books and counting. Like any other author today, she knows the importance of marketing her own work, and so when The Diva Doctrine: 16 Universal Principles Every Woman Needs to Know came out, she immediately began to promote the title to […]

A Parent’s View of Cutting

by Tom Hames When I was in high school, if one of my friends was ‘cutting’ it meant they were skipping class. Today, the term can refer to something else completely. Cutting is a form of self-injury where a person takes a sharp object such as a knife, razor blade, pen or even a paper […]

Wills and Kate Tat for Sale

by Vicola England In case you’ve been stuck in a cave, I shall enlighten you about a little-talked about fact from the UK – Prince William and his girlfriend Kate are now engaged. It’s wall to wall coverage. Every ruddy channel and radio station is talking about it. Prize for the most pointless bit of […]

Cute but Tasty

by Natasha J. Stillman I live in New Zealand.  I drive by my meat a lot.  In spring the lambs are plentiful, frisky and adorable. Unfortunately for them, they are also tasty, and being New Zealand, lamb is relatively inexpensive and on every menu.  While traveling on the road or on a walk, my husband and […]

The Stoning of Sister Mc Bride

by Vicola England The Catholic Church, not exactly a stranger to controversy, has once again found itself in the spotlight, but not for the usual reasons of sexual abuse by priests, or one of its clergy letting rip with a one-liner that breaks every equality law known to humankind. No — this is a new […]

ARTIST’s Madonna and Child Breastfeeding Paintings Removed from Facebook as “Obscenities”

by Kate Hansen After the birth of my son in 2007, I felt an incredible energy and drive to make art. Contrary to the popular belief that art-making is one of the things that fall to the wayside after the birth of children, I felt not just inspired but compelled by my experience of childbirth […]

Can the Pope Be Detained?

by Peter McCarthy (reporting from Australia) This last week has seen some interesting commentary about whether the current Pope can be put on trial for covering up child abuse when he was Cardinal Ratzinger as late as November 2002. This report from St Oswald Foundation is one of the better ones for covering the options. […]