Concerning Roman Polanski, Child Rapist

Hollywood, in general though not in total, seems to be rallying to the defense of Roman Polanski, admitted child-rapist. This includes the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Whoopie Goldberg, and Peter Fonda, to name a few. Whoopie, for example, says it wasn’t “rape-rape.” Apparently, there’s rape, and then there’s rape, and a 43-year-old man drugging, then […]

Bodhisattva Bowwow

3:09 A.M. I sat up suddenly in bed and squinted through the darkness. Marley shook his head, jangling his tags to let me know he was also awake. “How long have you been up, Bubby?” Marley just sighed. I heard him stand and walk towards the bedroom door. “OK, Bubby, just a second,” I slipped […]

Madonna ─ Proving that While Money Can't Buy You Happiness, it can Buy You a Child

Sometimes I really do wonder what goes on in the heads of celebrities, and nothing demonstrates the weirdness that is celeb-world more than Madonna. Some people when their marriage goes belly up buy a new car, get their hair restyled, buy a new pair of posh shoes, but Madonna trumps all others by buying…another Malawian […]

Curtis, Will You Please Shut-Up?

I’ve never been a flag waver. While I am deeply thankful that I was born in the United States, I’d never make the statement, “proud to be an American,” because that indicates ─ to me, at least ─ that it’s an accomplishment I did something to earn. Instead, I consider myself “lucky to be an […]

A Memo from Satan

INTEROFFICE COMMUNICATION FROM: Satan TO: Minions RE: The United States of America, Planet Earth It looks like we’re finally making some real progress in the United States of America. Naturally, as your Supreme Leader, I take credit for the brilliant idea. But it was our diligent force of minions working tirelessly there, who carried out […]

Where to Hide the Bodies?

With folk looking to lessen their impact on the environment, the subject of burial has popped up. It makes for a very interesting discussion. In Oz, cremation is used for 90% of burials. That is a total turnaround from the early 1900’s when it was very rare not to be buried “6 feet under“. When […]

Screw You, I’m Fifty-Two

…And I have wrinkles, receding gums, and a higher income tax bracket. But there are some benefits to aging, believe it or not. If you were paying attention at all, by the time you’re over fifty like me, you’ll have learned something about life. The following are some things I now know for sure to […]

The Disappeared of America

Who remembers the ones who have been lost and have not yet returned? In Latin America, forced disappearances are done for political reasons. The disappeared ones, as they are called, or los desaparecidos. It is the political version of genocide. People thought to be politically dangerous for any reason at all ─ one night they […]

The Cutie with the Blonde Mop of Hair

I am cleaning out my apartment today, purging things I no longer need, anticipating the move I will make in two months to a nicer, more quiet neighbourhood. I’ve stumbled upon a little pile of candid photos of my mom that date back as far as the late 40’s when she was simply a little […]