Salvaging the Sea: Podcast Interview with Sustainable Coral Grower, Ian McMenamin

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by Patricia V. Davis I love Generation Y. They are redefining everything from how we communicate to how we overthrow governments.  And today, HS Radio interviews one Gen Y’er who is revolutionizing how we do business. Ian McMenamin is both an entrepreneur and an environmentalist. Not too long ago, it would have been hard to […]

A Holiday Recipe: Zabaglione (Italian Eggnog)

By Ann Minard As a child growing up in a first generation Italian American home the sound of a whisk beating rapidly against a metal bowl could mean only one thing─ zabaglione! I remember my Dad would never let us know ahead of time that he was making zabaglione, but rather he loved to surprise […]


by Hannah Whitman I put on my best dress for you, even though I wasn’t supposed to. I shined up my shoes and did up my hair, raced off to the station- at noon you’d be there. I imagined what my momma would say, when she finally realized I had run away. But nothing mattered […]

On The ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque (a must-read for every American)

by Lindsey Kay “I am a man with no country,” he said.  “My Muslim brothers hate me because I have grown Western, but the West hates me because my brothers are Muslim.” This one man is not alone in his plight.  Across the United States, millions of Muslims find themselves walking the tightrope between embracing […]

The Nun and the Stripper

by Peter McCarthy One of the challenges of being a sweet and innocent young lad recently escaped from the iron grip of the Sisters of Occasional Mercy, is that your fellow male Aussies feel it is their duty to thrust you into a world full of adventure. It all sounds like fun, but when you start […]