Profiling by the California Highway Patrol in Oakland, California: More Inclusive Than You Might Think

by Patricia V. Davis It’s been a common complaint by the citizens of Oakland, California over the years that their police department is a sham.  In fact, one has only to search the term “racial profiling Oakland Police department” on the internet for pages of links to unrelated instances of alleged excessive force, extortion and […]

You Did Not Just Say That!

by Maria Karamitsos Last year I had a miscarriage. I had the kind of miscarriage that could cause other health problems – and it did. I’m still undergoing treatment, so the wounds still run deep. There’s not been any opportunity for closure. Hopefully you will never experience the grieving process that follows losing a child. […]

Into Africa: A Journal of a New Life in Uganda

by Sharon Walling Tiny lights from small houses diamond-stud the darkness. I would like to gather all them all and cast them into the sky by my house in Masindi. But perhaps the lack of lighted hills will enhance the million-star sky I hope to see. Are there stars in Masindi? There must be. I […]

How to Tell if You’re in Menopause

For many women, the cessation of the monthly flow is often not enough to tell for sure whether they’ve reached that “time of life” or not. That’s why I, using the knowledge I’ve gained from obtaining my DFR (Doctorate in Failed Relationships), have provided you with this scientific checklist. You will know you are in […]

Skinny Women are Real Women, Too!

We are supposed to be a nation of tolerance. If you criticise someone for being gay, for being fat, for being black or being female you will (quite rightly) cop a severe tongue lashing for your lack of empathy. However, apparently it’s quite okay to criticise people for being thin. The phrase ‘real women have […]

‘Progressive’ Sexism: My Letter to Donna Brazile

January 2009 Dear Ms. Brazile: You were the plenary speaker today at the Walden University residency in Dallas, Texas. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come and speak to us. Your speech was, for the most part, entertaining and inspiring. However, I feel compelled to express some dissatisfaction with […]

Brown Belt, Black Shoes

Photo by Miles Ranno I’m the first to admit that I think high fashion is silly. One of my favorite magazines, Vanity Fair, is absolutely gorged with full-page ads for ostentatious brands like Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Versace, and I only tolerate them because they are what keeps the cover price in a somewhat reasonable […]

Macho Cheese

You know, we’re well past the age of hairy chests and gold chains, yet I still see men who cannot seem to grasp what the true nature of manliness actually is.  They do the most insipid things to appear virile and masculine, thereby succeeding only in revealing to everyone the basest aspects of being male. […]

Stay the Hell Away From My Reproductive Rights!

I read an article recently, “Why McCain Should Worry Women” which brought to light that if women want to retain any power at all over their bodies, then they should not, under any circumstances, vote for John McCain. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times website, of Senator McCain’s exchange with a reporter in […]

That Better Not Be a Wrinkle

I’m 28. It might not sound very old, but the thing is that it’s around this age that you start noticing that things are changing as you get older, and not always for the better: Crinkly Lines As I was putting on mascara the other day the dog was jumping up and down trying to […]