On Souls

It seems to me that for most religions to have any credibility at all, we humans must have a soul. Otherwise, there would be nothing to be judged as to whether we’d earned our place in heaven, or not. So, without a soul, religion has no power. Nil. Zilch. This is why the Roman Catholic Church so vehemently denies stem cell research. They say that stem cells have a soul, and therefore must not be destroyed; conveniently overlooking the fact that unused embryos are destroyed anyway. And also conveniently overlooking the fact that millions of potential souls never even get to be judged because of clerical celibacy restrictions. But, we humans definitely have souls. And how do we know this? Because the priests, who just happen to have a vested interest, say so, that’s how.

For myself, I really couldn’t give a rat’s arse what anyone wants to believe. So long as I am given the same privilege. And by insisting on this soul business as a reason to deny stem cell research, the churches are infringing on my rights to benefit from that research.   Sorry, guys, but enough is bloody enough! If you don’t want to benefit from research, then so be it, but don’t deny it to others just because you want to cling to your dwindling power.

The battle for our souls is the last ditch stand for the religions. Without our souls to save, they are nothing. But just when did humans acquire this soul? The mainstream religions, having reluctantly accepted that evolution is a fact, are very quiet about all the life forms from which we are descended. Do they have a soul too, or don’t they? If they do, then every time we enjoy a steak or a fish, or even a vegetable, we’ve destroyed a soul.

Further, every time we take an antibiotic, we have also destroyed a soul.  If this is not to get absurd, then we have to believe that only humans have souls. In order to believe that, well, we just have to “have faith” that it’s so. And our having this faith also gives power to the men who say it is so, which is why they have defended the soul down through the ages. They’re defending their very reason for being. They must have souls to save. But only human ones.Sorry guys, but it just doesn’t gel.

I know that religion is a source of comfort for millions of people who want to believe that there is life after death. Yet, as a part of the universe, we have always had eternal life. We are but bundles of energy, and when we die our bundles of energy just go off and form bundles of energy elsewhere, just as our fellow life forms on this planet do. We’ve always been here in some form or another. We always will be. So, enjoy your stay in this life without fretting about the next one. One life at a time is quite enough, when it’s all said
and done.

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Last 5 posts by Con Carlyon