Friday Night Philosophy

I recently read a news story about a German pilot who bombed Bath during the war. At 87 years-old, he has returned to Bath to say he is sorry, and to pay his respects to the relatives of those who died during the bombing.

Such a lot to learn from this story. This man identifies himself first as a human, and then as a German, and is demonstrating his humanity not only to the English, but to all humans. And this is really what it is all about, isn’t it? We are all but humans, adrift in a bewildering cosmos, and particularly in our youth, susceptible to the influence of those who we think know it all. Only later in life when we mature, do we realise just how we have been manipulated by those who didn’t really have the answers we thought they had. Only later in life do we realise just how precious this life is. Only then do we recognise the magnitude of our arrogance in taking it upon ourselves the right to deny other humans their right to live their lives.

Such is the essence of humanity to me. Those who haven’t progressed to this understanding really haven’t lived at all.  They exist, just as the animals around us do, but that is all.  So, we have a choice in this life. Do we celebrate our humanity, or do we disgrace it?

Well, that’s up to each one of us, isn’t it?

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Last 5 posts by Con Carlyon