Busy, but Fit

Most of us are busy with work, family, taking care of others and all of life’s other responsibilities. Then it shouldn’t be too surprising that setting aside an hour or two a few days a week to workout is almost impossible.

I mean really, how many of us have the time to get ready to go out, drive to the gym, work out, and drive home? Time is valuable and every minute counts! I personally don’t want to spend a good chunk of my free time at the gym every week.

So, ideally, we need something that is very effective and can be done quickly. Besides, there are more important things in life than stressing about getting in an effective workout. This is one of the main reasons why I love to workout at home and utilize bodyweight workouts.

Here is a great workout you can get done in only 12 minutes with absolutely no equipment. This can literally be done anywhere, any time. Now there are no excuses to not get in a great fat-burning workout at home. Even better, this at home workout will really help firm up your abdominals and ‘glutes.’ (Meaning your ‘butt’).

First, perform the following warm-up:

1) Ten reps of pushups
2) Ten reps of prisoner squats
3) Ten reps of jumping jacks
4) Ten reps of arm swings

Then proceed to the workout:

  • You will perform each exercise for 20 seconds.
  • At the end of each exercise, rest for 10 seconds, but no longer.
  • Go on to the next exercise until you complete all 8 exercises.
  • Once you complete the circuit of 8 exercises, rest 2-5 minutes.
  • Repeat one more time. If you’re up to it, you could even try a third circuit!

Exercise 1: Pushups
Exercise 2: Prisoner Squats
Exercise 3: Mountain Climbers
Exercise 4: Reverse Lunges
Exercise 5: Advanced Burpee
Exercise 6: Y Squats
Exercise 7: Mountain Climbers
Exercise 8: Reverse Lunges

Expect to be sweating and breathing hard throughout the workout. (I never said it would be easy!)

Do this workout every other day and you could realistically lose up to 10 lbs in two weeks if you combine it with some supportive healthy eating.

Look at it this way: would you rather work hard for 12 minutes and get great results, or would you rather waste two hours, waste your life in a gym and get minimal results? Now get to the workout, start burning fat and building rock hard glutes and abs!

Of course, always check with your physician before starting any exercise program!

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Last 5 posts by George Louris CFT

Last 5 posts by George Louris CFT