Things That Bug Me About the Way You Talk

Look, I write the way I speak. I am no grammar nazi, by any stretch of the imagination, but this stuff really bugs me. I don’t know why, it just DOES:

1. supposebly

It’s “SUPPOSEDLY.” That’s a “D,” not a “B.”

2. I could care less

If you COULD care less, then please, by all means, DO. It’s “I COULDN’T CARE LESS”

3. irregardless

What’s with the “ir” as a prefix? The word is just “REGARDLESS.”

4. “Respectfully,” used instead of “respectively.”

If English is your first language, you have no excuse for this. I respectfully request you use a dictionary before you open your mouth and sound like an uneducated moron. And speaking of “respectively…”

5. When people confuse “leery” with “weary,” and vice versa.

What’s that about? Respectively, they’re two very different words.  Again, use a DICTIONARY. That’s why they print ’em.

6. And in a children’s book about a manta ray, I was reading to my daughter, Mia, they used the word “sleek,” but they spelled it “sleak.”

And that was really annoying.

There are a LOT more I’ve heard and it continues to bug me. It just surprises me to no end how someone who is relatively intelligent could use, or rather, MISuse, these words.

I know when I’m blogging, I type the way I talk, so I type “gonna,” “woulda,” “shoulda,” or “wanna,” but at least I know that they are really “going to,” “would have,” “should have,” or “want to.” And I also know the difference between “there,” “their” and “they’re,” or “to,” “too” and “two.” And I NEVER use “would of” instead of “WOULD HAVE.

Why is this so difficult for people? Are they just lazy?

My ‘stupid psycho ex’ was such a moron that he thought that these were actually words: “natrocious” and “debligerated.”

What words are those, you might ask? They’re supposed to be “atrocious” and “obliterated.” For the longest time I didn’t correct him, but when he told me that my behavior was “natrocious,” I HAD to “obliterate” him.

That’s right… I “obliterated” him. So, you’d better watch your language in front of me.

And don’t call me a ‘grammar nazi,’ either.

Image “Sometimes” by Michelle Shannon

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