the realization that my lover is light

(for Michael)

by Lucy Simpson

If I knew you were light
I would’ve peeled away the layers
to your glorious mouth
many years ago

I would’ve thrown spoons at the sky
for a taste of you
going down like fireflies
into the darkness of my belly

for night is in my belly
a winter new moon
it crept up this morning
from the floorboards
like an oil spill
defying gravity

settling under the ribs
now I need your light
to see which way

to rescue a bird caught
in the black


Lucy Simpson’s poetry has been published in Poetry Bone, WordWrights and The Comstock Review, among other journals. She lives with her good, kind husband, writes, raises super children, leads poetry workshops and gardens in Seattle, where it is often sunny. Lucy has contributed to Harlots Sauce Radio previously, and we are very happy to have her back this month. Visit Lucy’s website at

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