PEGASUS ~ By Ruth Wildes Schuler

White winged wonder navigating the celestial cosmos
gathering stardust from dwarfed red stars,
and descending to sprinkle the powers
of inspiration on earth’s artistic population.
A bit of yellow on Van Gogh
before his easel in a hayfield,
green on Hemingway in his emerald hills of Africa,
gold on Isadora Duncan’s toes,
a rainbow mixture on a playwright on Stratford on Avon,
and behind the Great Wall in the courtyard
of Li Po, particles of orange,
then a shade of love’s blue sky
on a poetry dancing troop,
surrounded by a poet’s group beside the Golden Gate.

The flights across the Zodiac
stretch back centuries.
The journeys never end only begin
with new descents from dark nebulas,
to drop pink particles on a solitary yurt
in the Mongolian desert,
red hearts for the Browning’s, Monet’s floating water lilies,
Kafka’s black abstractions and Byron’s sea-green Greek
Kipling’s wandering holy men,
and then the White Cliffs of Dover
with blue birds over, and the jade hills
of Samoa where Robert Louis Stevenson lies.
A sprinkle on Paris street painters along the Seine
and red on whirling dervishes with pounding feet on
Turkish streets.

Soar to the heavens once more magnificent friend,
beat your hooves on the Polestar and the Dog Star,
to gather the galaxy dust, and thus,
once again begin your return to earth,
sprinkling stardust on us to give creativity its birth.


Ruth Wildes Schuler has had over 1000 poems, short stories, literary articles and book reviews published in anthologies and independent press publications in twenty one countries, and has had work translated into nineteen languages. She was nominated numerous times for the Pushcart Prize and received a plaque from the World Congress of Poets and has won numerous first and grand prizes in poetry from the New York Poetry Forum, the Berkeley Poets, Ina Coolbrith Circle, Poets of the Vineyard and others. Ruth has also received certificates of merit from the International Writer and Artists Association, the National Poetry Association, Poetry Organization of Women, International Writers Association, Poesie India International and more. In March 2005, she was a speaker representing the United States at the Kaohsiung, Taiwan World Poetry Festival that had poets from twenty-four countries in attendance.

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