The Perfect Glimpse into an Addict’s Mind (based on a real dream)

by Hannah Whitman

photo: The House was a Part of Her,
and Now She’s a Part of the House, by Lydia Selk

I had a dream there were alleyways

that stretched across the earth,

Cobblestone hallways

sweating condensation

since the darkness’ birth.

Shivering, dripping I walked

under the sinking moonlight,

All those times we’d talked

you were always right.

It’s better to just forget your name

so you won’t disappoint yourself,

I don’t know from where I came

but I know I’m better off somewhere else.

You said The Man will bleed you dry

There is not gonna be a solution,

Gonna get fucked up tonight

This is a goddamn revolution.


A table sat in the middle of a room

Huddled shapes and shadows dance,

Conspiring inside the freezing tomb

you all stared at me as if in a trance.

My friends all had the same style

Cakey teeth and numb gums,

Retina pins that went on for miles-

When the world has ended and

there’s no more roads-

those pins will be the last ones.

We walk ourselves to the darkest

corners of the earth

and complain there is no light,

So when I die I don’t know my worth

and that’ll make everything alright.
When I die you won’t know my worth,

I wasn’t even worth a try.

You can believe in what you need

but I believe in evolution,

Living alone is living free

This is a goddamn revolution.

You said this world was a conspiracy

and we won’t stand in formation,

I’m only scared of facing me

We are our own creations.








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