If We *Must* Fight

If people *must* fight, I think they should do it by dancing. When a battle ensues, two adversaries should show no hint of submission in their faces and in their body language. Those two dancers should play convincing roles as vengeful enemies embarking on a duel to the death. They should dance at each other. They should create the illusion that each is attempting to break the other’s will to perform.

Only when the time-keep indicates that time has run out may the dancers engage beautiful smiles in a show of mutual respect and love.  Their knowledge would be that time, effort and perseverance had delivered them to the battlefield and that they have done their absolute best there.

As combatants, they would know it is up to the fans to decide who is more convincing on any particular day. On the dance battleground there would be no guns, no harm, no death or destruction, only constructive primal displays of the human spirit.

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