A Moment for Mom: A Valentine’s Story

Photo by Miranda Krebbs

Photo "7 Months" by Miranda Krebbs

My mom was 7 months pregnant before she told anyone. At that point, even she had only known for two months, but everyone close to her found out when she turned on all the gas in her trailer, shut all the windows, and tried to slip easily into the next world.

After her roommate discovered her unconscious in the kitchen and had her rushed to the hospital, my mom spent the next three months under house arrest at her older sister, Pearl’s house. But it only it only took three months for her to fall in love….

…with me.

So, I guess I am lucky to be here, all things considered.

Don’t judge her too harshly. She was 25 and had been rejected by the man she loved. Her parents had died when she was 15, and she felt terribly alone in the world. She told me that very night she prayed for God to send someone who’d love her. She thought that person would a man. Instead, it was a seven-pound baby girl ─ her daughter, whom she thought would end her life, instead enhanced it.

From the day I was born, we were best friends, and that hasn’t changed much in all these years. Every time she felt pain, I knew it and was there to be her rock. And when I felt pain, it was more painful for her than for me. No matter what we went through- her, her heart attack, my pregnancies, her failing health, my divorce and much more, we’ve ‘had each other’s back’. Unconditionally supportive and loving, every single step of the way.

Oh, we’ve had our moments. There has been screaming and names called, there was even a time when I thought she’d lost her mind, and she thought I’d lost mine, but through it all we have a connection and love.

She’s my mommy. And I am so blessed to have her.


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